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Plan Master Class in May-June 2015

Dear Beauticians!

We invite YOU for our training seminars connected with work with remedies ANNA LOTAN brand.

Our company is responsible for all expenses to organize and hold the master classes.

If YOU are interested in visiting these training seminars, YOU can be preliminarily registered by phones:

+44(0)7702910375, +442075591308 - VALERIJA LUCKINA

+44 (0)7702910391, +442075591308 - KSENIJA ZLOTNIKOVA

The number of places is limited!

Schedule of seminars:

Master Class Date  Master Class Theme Place of the master Class


Presentation of professional cosmetics of  Anna Lotan brand.  Philosophy of Anna Lotan company in the area of care of skin.                                                             Demonstration of unique author technique  "Cold Hydration".


Baker Street


Solution of problems of dryness and fading of skin due to drugs of Anna Lotan.                                                                                                                Demonstration of treatment of dry and fading skin.


18 Eltham Road SE12 8TF 


Remedies of Anna Lotan company is an extremely effective process of recovery of skin. Demonstration of drugs of Alodem brand.                                                   Master class connected with care of sensitive and couperoses skin.    


18 Eltham Road SE12 8TF 

Preliminary registration is obligatory!